Velleman PCS500 in Linux

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This article reports on my experiments in making the Velleman PCS500 digital storage oscilloscope work under Linux.


I bought this PC-based oscilloscope back in TBD when I was looking for a cheap oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer that would cover my home-brewer needs below 30 MHz. While the PCS500 is a pretty good piece of hardware, the accompanying windows software is a real piece of crap. It is fully functional, but from a desktop software and modern user interface point of view it belongs in the 1980'es.

I have contacted Velleman back then to get some programming info and make a better application — one that would also work on Linux and Mac — but my request was blatantly rejected. So this was kinda last product I bought from Velleman, and the PCS has been sitting and collecting dust ever since (I don't use windows).

Recent findings: