USRP Configurations

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Current configuration

Date Side A Side B RF 1 RF 2 RF 3 RF 4

Other interesting options

TVRX + DBSRX = 50 MHz ... 2.4 GHz receiver covering V/U/L/S ham bands and space S-band

RFX1200 + RFX2400 L/S ham transceiver (full duplex)

DBSRX + RFX2400 => RX capatibility for all S-band and TX for the ham segment.

RFX1200 + XCVR2450 => L/S/C ham transceiver!!!

WBX0510 + RFX1200 => V/U/L band ham transceiver (alternatively use RFX2400, XCVR2450, LFTX+LFRX for different coverage.