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At last, received the Gumstix Overo Fire. IRL smaller than I expected even though I knew the size. Weight 6g confirmed.


The power connector on the Summit board is very non-standard, see PJ1-022-SMT. I say it is non standard because I couldn't find a single electronics supplier that has this particular size in their series. Do there really expect people to buy that god damn wall plug? I will just mount two wires directly on the board.


Finally created an alternate power connector for the summit board, see
Powered up the Gumstix following the instructions on the website. Ångstrom boots up all right. The first boot took a long time because it had to configure god knows how many GNOME games and other stupid things – it took several minutes. The second boot was much, much faster, less than a minute.

No power manager installed.

WiFi and BT seemed alive but of course there was no connection and I don't know how they are configured. I tried to scan for BT devices from my Mac and there was something. I didn't want to connect since I didn't know if it was the Gumstix or maybe something fishy from one of my neighbors. I'll have to find some docs about these. Btw. a quick scan on the website didn't really turn anything up. I hope this doesn't mean that the Gumstix is just another not very well documented thing.


e-CAM32_OMAP_GSTIX - Camera Solution for GumStix’s Overo Series:

With V4L2 drivers. Amazing!


e-con Systems expect to release a 5MPix camera module soon, see blog post. This blog post also suggests that capturing and encoding 720p @ 30fps is possible on the OMAP.


  • Had a quick half-day session with my Gumstix Overo.
  • Did not find any USB mini-A to mini-B cable in regular computer shop.
  • Gumstix Overo is still alive and the boot messages scroll through the tty; however, I did not get any image on the DVI monitor! I tried two different monitors, there is simply no signal. I was wondering if I have damaged the DVI output or something else.
  • I decided that I will but a Tobi expansion board, which has Ethernet interface, and also one of these new small breakout boards.


  • Ordered a Gumstix Tobi and a Pinto-TH board. Also included a USB mini-A to mini-B cable and an wall plug into the package since I was missing them.


  • Package from Gumstix has arrived. They put two USB mini-A to mini-B cables in the package :)


  • Decided that we will try to get the Gumstix Overo ready for an amateur rocket flight on 2010.10.03
  • Functional scope TBD but it is highly unlikely that we can have live video feed or anything like that.


  • Decided that the scope of the rocket flight will be recording video
  • Still pending whether we can get the gumstix up and running in time


  • Set up the Gumstix Overo + Tobi on a workbench (photo to be added). Thsi will be a permanent setup for now.
  • Some issues that need to be resolved ASAP
    • Ethernet on Tobi does not work (could be due to old image on NAND)
    • Boots from flash but then loads OS from NAND!