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  • Managed to get the TMP102 work with the Arduino Duemilanove even though I do not have any Logic Level Converter. Apparently, the 3.3V part does not go up in flames when exposed to 5V on the SDA and SCL pins though I can not know if there is any internal damage.


  • Fritzing starter kit has arrived. Good value for money.
  • Recreated the temperature sensor mockup using the breadboard, see Ustream recording.
  • Often the readback from the TMP102 returns error – could that be due to the volt mismatch? I will put wirk with TMP102 on hold until I get a Logic Level Converter.




  • The Logic Level Converter has arrived. Reworked TMP102 connection on the breadboard.
  • Followed the instructions [ here] except that I connected V+ of TMP102 to 3.3V instead of 5V. Also tried to connect to 5V and that worked too, but then again, it also worked without the level converter




  • Started to create a Fritzing mock-up with custom part for TMP102 and level converter using Inkscape, but having trouble with the SVG, see
  • When loading SVG into Fritzing parts editor images look all right. After saving the labels are moved as shown on the screenshot above.


  • Tried to change the SVG's to be horizontal but didn't make any difference.


  • Added the pressure sensor:



  • Did some experiments trying to make the Inkscape SVG to Fritzing work with ridiculously unsatisfactory results. I even got to a point where the Inkscape SVG is loaded all right, but after saving the part and using it it looked bad. So, Fritzing is saving SVG that it is not able to render correctly.
  • Ended up creating Fritzing breadboard using "mystery part":