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Satellite data files are stored in the satdata/ directory using file names like 12345.sat, 12345 being the catalog number of the satellite. The directory also contains .cat files, which are used to organize the satellites into categories. Both the .sat and the .cat file formats are described in the following sections.

Satellite data (.sat)

The .sat files in this directory contain the satellite data. One file contains data for one satellite. The file format is plain text and has a simple KEY=VALUE format.

TLE1=1 22825U 93061C   09209.93919514 -.00000016  00000-0  10376-4 0  3015
TLE2=2 22825  98.4386 162.0536 0009085 136.8325 223.3572 14.29269921825871

Satellite categories (.cat)

The .cat files in this directory are used to define various categories for organizing the satellites. The files are plain text files and have the following format:

  • The first line is a string containing the full name of the category that should be displayed
  • Each of the following lines is the catalog number of a satellite belonging to this category.

A satellite can belong to any number of categories. Initially, these categories are based on the organization of the satellites into TLE file by Celestrak; however, the user can change this in the satellite editor.