Openembedded Workflow

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Initial setup

 $ git clone git://
 $ setup-scripts.git
 $ cd setup-scripts.git
 $ MACHINE=beaglebone ./ config beaglebone
 $ MACHINE=beaglebone ./ update
 $ . ~/.oe/environment-angstromv2012.05

Now test the system using:

 $ bitbake systemd-image


Needs update

After the initial setup so the following in the setup-scripts.git directory:

 $ cp ../bonecam.git/angstrom/ sources/meta-ti/recipes-misc/images/
 $ cp ../bonecam.git/angstrom/ sources/openembedded-core/meta/recipes-multimedia/gstreamer/
 $ bitbake bonecam-image


  1. systemd-analyze
  2. systemd-analyze blame

To enable/disable a service:

 $ systemctl disable foo.service

The available service files are located in /lib/systemd/system – see man systemd.unit.

Boot time can depend a lot on SD card (even for the same class)