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The miniVNA is a small and inexpensive antenna analyzer from mini Radio solutions. It connects to a computer via USB and it can measure SWR, RL, Rs, Z +/-jx, Phase, Cable length, R/L/C in the range 0.1Mhz to 180MHz. It comes with a quite all right control software for windows. There is also a Gnome version of the software called gVNA. Unfortunately, it depends on GNOME, it hasn't been updated for three years now and I have never been able to build it.

This document describes the miniVNA USB protocol that has been reverse engineered from user manuals and available software. The purpose is to have a control reference for writing a new control application for the miniVNA.

Connection Details


The miniVNA can work in two modes:

  1. Reflection mode – used for measuring various parameters on antennas and cables.
  2. Transmission mode – used for measuring filters attenuators, etc.