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Track OZ9AEC.

The TinyTrak configuration program runs jut fine in wine. If you run winecfg and set up the drives it can nor run the app from flash drive,


Driving Tests

The Micro-Trak is in the car and transmits position at regular intervals. A standard rubber-ducky antenna is mounted on the roof. Driving tests are characterized by loosing line of sight very often.


Configuration Result
MicroTrak-SmartBeacon-NormalCfg.png MicroTrak-SmartBeacon-Normal.png

Apparently, the 300mW transmitter has difficulties in getting through, probably because it occasionally transmits over other stations. For next test I'll set the transmission rate up hoping to increase the chances of being picked up.


Configuration Results
MicroTrak-SmartBeacon-FastCfg.png MicroTrak-SmartBeacon-Fast.png MicroTrak-SmartBeacon-City.png

Range Tests

These tests are aimed at achieving better results than during the driving tests by ensuring that there is line of sight contact between transmitter and receiver, thus trying to increase the range.


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