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Welcome to MyLabWiki

This is my personal wiki I use for prototyping, drafting, and working on various ideas within amateur radio, space communications, and other technological areas that interest me. I like the editing, indexing, and revision history capabilities a wiki offers and so I am using this wiki as an electronic Lab Journal -- hence the name LabWiki :-)

You will find many more or less useful information here ranging from conceptual ideas to fully documented experiments. They are all organized in projects and categories. You are free to use the information on this site under the terms outlined here. If you want to help me in some of the work or you would like to use this LabWiki for your own ideas and experiments send me an email and we can talk about it. You can read more about MyLabWiki and then have fun!

Alex, OZ9AEC

Lifecycle: Idea -> Experiment -> Completed


Currently, I have 80 articles.