Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000

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Initial Notes


After installation, the software that comes with the camera works well and can capture HD-like video very well. However, when using a third party capture application, size seems to be stuck at 320x240 pixels. Holy crap!


  • Camera detected and mounted as /dev/video0
  • Most apps are completely dysfunctional and useless (as usual)


Works fine


Works! and has many interesting controls. This is the app to use!

  • Can capture video
  • Can capture audio – GNOME sound mixer panel applet can control audio input level and it sounds good. Mute works too!
  • Additional controls – including focus – are enabled after running guvcview -a as root once
  • Can be run in control mode only so that the video is captured by another application by guvcview is used to adjust settings


Try the others from http://www.quickcamteam.net/software/linux/v4l2-software/

Programming: http://www.quickcamteam.net/software/libwebcam



Autofocus is built into the wintendo drives, thus does not work in Linux.

Q: How can we manually control focus in Linux?
A: There is some info about this on quickcamteam.net related to libwebcam