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Back in the nineties I have had a lot of fun receiving NOAA weather satellites transmitting APT on 137 MHz. Those days I was using a winradio (that I still have) and a sound card based software decoder. Since I have now started to experiment with Category:GNU Radio and also invested in a Category:USRP with various daughterboards, I though it would be interesting to receive NOAA APT again — this time using a decoder done at the SDR layer, i.e. without the need for a sound card decoder.

While this project may seem trivial to a DSP guru, being a newbie in the area I find the challenge to be worthy and a provide a good opportunity to learn using GNU Radio and Software Defined Radios in general.

The APT Format

APT is an acronym for Automatic Picture Transmission.

To be written

System Architecture

To be written

Software Design

To be written