Funcube Dongle command matrix

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This document gives a summary of the API commands supported by the Funcube Dongle Pro and Pro+ firmwares.

ID Command Description FCD Pro parameters FCD Pro+ parameters
1 FCD_CMD_BL_QUERY Returns string with "FCDAPP version"  ?
8 FCD_CMD_BL_RESET Reset to application mode  ?
24 FCD_CMD_BL_ERASE Erase firmware from FCD flash  ?
26 FCD_CMD_BL_GET_BYTE_ADDR_RANGE Get address range  ?
27 FCD_CMD_BL_WRITE_FLASH_BLOCK Write flash block  ?
28 FCD_CMD_BL_READ_FLASH_BLOCK Read flash block  ?
100 FCD_CMD_APP_SET_FREQ_KHZ Set frequency in kHz 3 byte unsigned little endian frequency in kHz
101 FCD_CMD_APP_SET_FREQ_HZ Set frequency in Hz 4 byte unsigned little endian frequency in Hz, returns wit actual frequency set in Hz
102 FCD_CMD_APP_GET_FREQ_HZ Read frequency in Hz Returns 4 byte unsigned little endian frequency in Hz