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Conversion of screen captures

Record Linux screen using gtk-recordmydesktop → .ogv file.

To simply convert to Mac-readable format:

ffmpeg -i capture.ogv -sameq capture.mov

Sometimes it is easiest to capture the whole desktop and crop during conversion:

ffmpeg -i capture.ogv -cropbottom 304 -aspect 16:9 -sameq capture.mov

Skip ahead 20 second and convert 30 seconds:

ffmpeg -i capture.ogv -ss 20 -t 30 -cropbottom 304 -aspect 16:9 -sameq capture.mov

Transcoding AVCHD MTS files on Linux

Convert Canon AVCHD (MTS) file to something that can be processed by kdenlive:

ffmpeg -i XYZ.MTS -sameq -s hd480 -ab 256k xyz.mov

Assumes libav* installed from Medibuntu. By default, ffmpeg will use MPEG-4 codec for the MOV container.

Initially, I used "-acodec copy" but VLC could not play the sound in the output file. Therefore, I let it transcode the audio as wekk but keep the bitrate high.