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* http://www.maemo.org/
* http://www.maemo.org/
* http://maemo.nokia.com/
* http://maemo.nokia.com/
* [http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.nokia.com/id/e778ba1f-2507-4672-be45-798359a3aea7/Fremantle_Master_Layout_Guide.html Fremantle Master Layout Guide]
* [http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.nokia.com/id/019c2b31-3777-49a0-9257-970d79580756/Hildon_2_2_Widget_UI_Specification.html Hildon 2.2 Widget UI Specification]
* http://www.slashgear.com/nokia-n900-hands-on-0254743/
* http://www.slashgear.com/nokia-n900-hands-on-0254743/
* http://s60blog.com/2009/09/maemo-5-ui-screenshots-on-the-new-nokia-n900/
* http://s60blog.com/2009/09/maemo-5-ui-screenshots-on-the-new-nokia-n900/

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Emsat is a real-time satellite tracking and orbit predictions application for the Maemo platform. The objective is to provide a full featured satellite tracking application that can support portable satellite communications.

User Interface

The user interface must be intuitive so that the user can use the basic functionality of the app without reading any manuals. The HIG[1] will be taken into account.

All function must be reachable using touchscreen only. Maemo 5 GUI design templates are available on the Maemo website[2].

Functional Requirements

  • Track objects in space
    • Earth orbiting satellites
    • Interplanetary spacecraft using data from JPL Horizon
    • Sun, Moon, other planets?
  • Uses location from built-in GPS via the Location API
  • User can specify a fixed location
    • Lat/Lon/Alt
    • Select a city (OVI map?)
    • Maidenhead grid square
  • Future passes can be saved to calendar with reminder option
  • Voice announcements
    • 5 minute before pass
    • At AOS, TCA, and LOS
    • Every minute while satellite is in range
  • Logging support
    • Text (TBC)
    • Voice record (TBC)
    • Video record (TBC)

Interface Requirements

  • Doppler tuning
    • Full duplex: IC-910, IC-9100, FT-847, TS-2000
    • Simplex: IC-706, IC-7000
    • Receiver: FT-817, FT-857, FT-897
  • Antenna rotator tracking
  • Electrical interface
    • USB
    • Bluetooth
    • WiFi
  • Interface to other applications
    • Integration with http://www.ki6amd.com/hamcentral/
    • In such case, radio and rotator control should be separate apps allowing access via IPC avaialble on Maemo platform.

Static Architecture

Dynamic Architecture


  1. Maemo 5 Developer Guide, Human Interface Guidelines
  2. Maemo 5 GUI Design Template