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== User Interface ==
== User Interface ==
Thake the Guidelines<ref>[http://wiki.maemo.org/Documentation/Maemo_5_Developer_Guide/Human_Interface_Guidelines Maemo 5 Developer Guide, Human Interface Guidelines]</ref> into account.
== Functional Requirements ==
== Functional Requirements ==

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Emsat is a real-time satellite tracking and orbit predictions application for the Maemo platform. The objective is to provide a full featured satellite tracking application that can support portable satellite communications.

User Interface

Thake the Guidelines[1] into account.

Functional Requirements

  • Track objects in space
    • Earth orbiting satellites
    • Interplanetary spacecraft using data from JPL Horizon
    • Sun, Moon, other planets?
  • Uses location from built-in GPS (default)
  • User can specify a fixed location
    • Lat/Lon/Alt
    • Select a city (OVI map?)
    • Maidenhead grid square
  • Future passes can be saved to calendar with reminder option
    • Built-in calendar
    • Gmail (TBC)
    • Emsat built-in scheduler
  • Voice announcements
    • 5 minute before pass
    • At AOS, TCA, and LOS
    • Every minute while satellite is in range

Interface Requirements

  • Doppler tuning
    • Full duplex: IC-910, IC-9100, FT-847, TS-2000
    • Simplex: IC-706, IC-7000
    • Receiver: FT-817, FT-857, FT-897
  • Antenna rotator tracking (is this relevant for portable ops?)
  • Electrical interface
    • USB
    • Bluetooth
    • WiFi

Static Architecture

Dynamic Architecture


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