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.gnuradiorc50W power amplifier for 1.3 GHz6DOF Digital IMU
AI Touch BookAdd own recipes to Angstrom
Arduino APRSArduino Weather StationBeaglebone Spectrum Analyzer
Breaking the IceBuilding GNU Radio on Mac OS XBuilding Gstreamer 1.2 from source
C-band Receiver StationCamera SoftwareCreate custom application launcher in Unity
Cryogenic Cooling for Microwave Frontends
DS18B20Delete files returned by findDemod2
Digital Video TransmissionDoppler Tuning Algorithm for GpredictEmbedded Video Processing and Radio Unit
EmsatFFmpeg ResourcesFinal Cut Express Notes
Funcube Dongle command matrixGNU Radio ShortcutsGRAPT
GRAPT/RF ValidationGRAPT/ResourcesGpredict Packaging Status
Gpredict to Celestia InterfaceGpredict user configurationGqrx configuration files
Gstreamer cheat sheet
HAMUSHigh quality screen capture with Ffmpeg
High quality screen capture with avconvJSBSimLinux Webcams
Logic Level ConverterLogitech HD Pro Webcam C910Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro 9000
Logitech Webcam Pro 9000MPX4115AMain Page
Making Time-lapse VideosMicro-Trak 300
MiniVNA ICDMobile Radio Control PanelNotes on filter design
Openembedded WorkflowPackaging Qt apps for Mac OS XPixel formats
PyEphemRaspberry Pi CameraReceiving LRO and LCROSS
Romit2 VPUS-band Dish from Amsat
SDR TrainingSatellite Tracking with a TomTom
Satellite data filesSimple DVB with Gstreamer and GNU Radio
Sound Card CompatibilitySpace Link SimulatorSpace Trajectory Analysis
Submitting patches for GpredictTMP102TMS320DM355 VPU
Tactical Tracking SystemTransponder Database for GpredictTrust Widescreen HD Webcam
USRP ConfigurationsUSRP ReferenceVelleman PCS500 in Linux
Visual Tracking of the ISS